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A practice focused on connectivity, grounded in slow making, mindful repair


Purpose of UNA

Who's behind Una?

Bristol Creative Crit Sessions

Una aims to support and connect Bristol-based makers by organising monthly crit sessions.

Origins of the name UNA

In Portuguese, ‘Una' embodies the idea of bringing people together, of building a community. Whilst in Latin, it represents 'one’, in this case, the individual. I love the idea of the individual within the collective; this is what the group should represent.

The purpose of this group is to create a safe environment where individuals can connect and openly discuss their own creative practices. It's a way to support and encourage each maker on their individual path, fostering a space where experiences are shared and valuable feedback is received. 


For those who went to a creative university, you may have experienced crit sessions. They were a space to explore emerging ideas, problem solve and gain helpful insights. This is what I want to create for this group

Ana Clark.  I started a group similar to this, over zoom during the pandemic and have since loved the relationships it created and the valuable support it fostered. Therefore, I wanted to create this again, but in person.


Amber Bardell. Amber has been involved in a number of creative communities, including Ana’s group and being Director of !GWAK, an online platform that aimed to facilitate collaboration, share resources and support emerging artists. Amber will help facilitate and organise our sessions. 

Interested in taking part?

Take a few moments to fill the form below and we'll be in touch very soon.


Upcoming Events

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