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A practice focused on connectivity, grounded in slow making, mindful repair

Ana Clark Ribeiro

B. 1996 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a bathtub.​


My creative journey revolves around the interplay between the environment and the people who inhabit it. I am passionate about celebrating craftsmanship, nature, and the profound impact of slow living on our planet. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and brands is at the heart of my work.

With projects such as  'Creative Diaries’ and 'UNA' I aim to share and support the experience of being creative in the current climate of the world.​

My work has been recognised in features in the Embroidery Magazine and won the Craft Council New Makers Award. I have also exhibited at events such as AUB Suddenly Last Summer and New Designers in London. Additionally, I am honoured to have received the AUB Sustainable Design Award.

If you'd like to connect and work with me, please don't hesitate to contact me:



Every Body's Story, Made My Wardrobe, Mahikakala, Musee Roo, Polly Collins, Tapuh, The Clifton Pub, Wendy Hayden, Worn to Threads, CDCA, The Prince's Foundation, Jewellery Quarter, Centrespace, Amber Brown Clothing

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